Our Story

Akasia Commercial Products Sdn Bhd is proud to represent the best in commercial cleaning equipment, housekeeping, stainless steel, and HDPE Highest Quality Waste Bins. Our company is actively involved in the installation of car park safety equipment that enables businesses to provide the highest quality of service to clients, developers, and property management companies.

Our Vision

Plant a hope for future.

Our Mission

To bring the high value commercial products and service to end user.

We are happy to send our professional sales staff to individuals and businesses in our service area to provide product samples and consultation.

Please visit our service page for more information, or contact Akasia Commercial Products Sdn Bhd to speak with our sales team and schedule an appointment.

Online visitors may contact our customer service department at +603-8733 8336 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives about product availability, functionality, installation, and cleaning services.