Dirt Water Trapper Mat


Roll sizes:
90cm x 18 meter
120cm x 18 meter
180cm x 18 meter

Colours: Red,Grey,Brown,Black

Custom size floor mats for rubber edging available

Common Applications:

  • High traffic entryway
  • Main entrance
  • Inside buidling entrance
  • Hallways areas
  • Interior Walkways
  • Toilet entrance
  • Kitchen entrance
  • Locker entrance
  • Swimming pools surrounds
  • Bar counter walkways
  • Elevators

Product info:

  • The latest high-tech 2 in 1 carpet type material provides unrivalled water removal and dirt trapping performance.
  • Long-lasting and stain-resistant, this carpet is ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Provides an appealing, functional solution for keeping the facility clean, elegant, and safe.
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