Orion Jumbo Roll Tissue – P (300)


Packing: 1carton x 12rolls x 300m x 2 ply
Material: Virgin Pulp

Product info:

  • Jumbo Roll Tissue (also called JRT) is the soft tissue, used in medium or high traffic area such as malls, hospital, as well as office washroom.
  • It is designed to minimize maintenance since the big rolls help keep even busy bathroom running smoothly. These large toilet paper rolls are compatible with high capacity side by side dispensers.
  • Virgin Pulp Jumbo Roll Tissue is the kind of tissue that does not contain any recycled content and is made directly of the pulp of trees or cotton.
  • This kind of tissue is also considered to be a high-quality paper, it is higher absorbency rates and softer and more durable options that can give customers and enhanced experience.
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